Executive Producer


Sacha has been a Producer for over 20 years in music videos and TV commercials, to managing large- scale productions, live concerts and major events for television networks in America. His passion was to make meaningful content, so he went on to complete the Producer’s Post Graduate at the School of Film and Television of the Victorian College of the Arts.

He produced various award winning short films, including “The City Eats It’s Weak” (Best Cinematography @ Palm Springs 2007), “The Visitor” (Accelerator @ MIFF 2007), “Insignia” (Selected-Interfilm Berlin 2007) and “Everyone’s Children” (Best Special Effects @ L.A. Movie Awards 2012).

In 2007, he lived in Los Angeles, on a film agency funded internship, at Hollywood companies such as Beristain Inc., ARENAS, Granada Television, with US Producer Don Murphy @ Angry Films and with Shebnem Askin @ 2929. 

Back in Australia Sacha has been focusing on developing new screen projects with writers and collaborators. In 2010 he was selected as “Accelerator Express Producer” at MIFF’s 37 South Market, following on with an Advanced Diploma in Screen Development in 2011. In 2014 Sacha launched a New Slate of feature projects.