Set Design

LIFE LAB: Set design for Life at 7 and Life at 9, an Australian series and longitudinal study in childhood development by Heiress Films and ABC TV.

There were several overriding objectives to be met with the design and execution of this project: That the children were not to be aware of the filming process in the Life Lab sets, hence the two-way mirrors (windows) hiding the camera crew behind them and that the set design lifted the production values and raised the bar on an exisiting show (the series had already run from Life at 1 and 3 through to 5).

With an extremely tight budget we sourced salvaged building materials and a modular cardboard wall to create a clean, restful space for filming the children.

There was a dual function for this particular set in Life at 9 – after the four days of studio filming were over we armed the kids with paint and they got to create their title sequence for the 'Creativity' episode in a time-lapsed mural.